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Pre-conference – Monday, July 6

NCCDH - Determinants of health: Knowledge to action
Knowledge to Action: Using Needs Assessments as Transformational Tools
( 2.2Mb)
Verlé Harrop
Health Disparity in Saskatoon: Moving beyond reports to Reducing the Gaps
( 1.2Mb)
Cory Neudorf

Mapping Social Determinants of Health
( 2.1Mb)
Mikiko Terashima

NCCHPP - Health Impact Assessment: a methodology to include health in all policies
Overview ( 1.4Mb)
Scoping ( 481K)
Screening (   368K)
Next Steps  323K)

Collaborating for a change – Tuesday, July 7

Opening keynote
Making Research on Public Health Accessible to the Public
André Picard
(sorry, no PowerPoint is available for this presentation)

Plenary Panel
Overview of the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health
( 1.1 Mb)

Interactive Session
Knowledge translation: Some avenues for reflection
( 172K)
François Chagnon

Plenary Panel
Public health collaboration: Various ways of working together (not yet available) 
( 59K)
Jacques Bourgault

Collaborating for Knowledge (for a change)
( 197K)
Roz Lasker

Concurrent Showcasing Sessions
World Health Organization Commission on the Social Determinants of Health: Early Child Development as a Determinant of Health

Landon Pearson (no powerpoint available)

World Health Organization Commission on the Social Determinants of Health
( 683K)
Hope Beanlands

Integrated Perinatal and Early Childhood Services for Families Living in Vulnerable Situations
( 411K)
André Dontigny 

The Methods Used by Non-Profit Organizations to Influence Public Policy and the Implications of these for Public Health Actors Working Toward the Development of Healthy Public Policies
Intersectoral Activity and Not-for-Profit Organizations
( 135K)

Putting public health on the agenda: the use of health knowledge by one not-for-profit organization
( 620K)

Not-for-profits' uses of health knowledges in influencing public policy
( 166K) 
François Gagnon and Val Morrison

Finding, Sharing, and Using Evidence with New Tools and Skills You Can Use
Registry of Knowledge Translation Methods and Tools for Public Health
( 1.2Mb)
Cristina Catallo

Sharing what works in public health
( 111K) 
Donna Ciliska 

DialoguePH – What's in it for you?
( 328K)
Pamela Forsyth

Online Health Program Planner
( 1.5Mb)
Larry Hershfield

Benefits of an Integrated Knowledge Exchange Model Involving Partners - The NCCID Experience
Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) On Health Promotion for Gay Men & Other MSM
( 367K)
Carl Bognar

Benefits of an Integrated Knowledge Exchange Model involving Partners - the NCCID Experience
( 315K)
Margaret Fast

Networking with & for Sex Workers
( 111K)
Pascale Robataille

A Chronicle of the Engagement Process for the Social Determinants of Indigenous Health
( 891K)
Margo Greenwood

Process for Knowledge Translation
( 875K)
Mona Shum and Christina Chociolko

Opening reception
The Public Health System in Quebec: Learnings and Challenges (not yet available)
( 665K)
Dr. Luc Boileau

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Networking for a change – Wednesday, July 8

Networks: How Can they Be Useful to Public Health Actors?
Network Structure, Governance and Effectiveness
( 512k)
Brint Milward

Concurrent training sessions
Taking Action on the Determinants of Health and Building on the Evidence for Healthy Child Development: The Total Environment Assessment Model of Early Child Development (TEAM – ECD)
Taking Action on the Determinants of Health and Building on the Evidence for Healthy Child Development
( 727K)
Claire Betker

Healthy Child Development: Building on the Evidence and Taking Action
( 601K)
Hope Beanlands

Total Environment Assessment (TEAM-ECD) A framework for Early Child Development (not yet available)
( 2.3Mb)
Ziba Vaghri

Using Deliberative Processes to Inform the Development of Healthy Public Policies
( 1.2Mb)
François-Pierre Gauvin and Élisabeth Martin

LESS is MORE - Efficient Search Strategies for Everyday Work Life
( 2.2Mb)
Donna Ciliska and Ann McKibbon

Mapping for Public Health
Using Spatial Information for Communicable Disease Control
( 1.2Mb)
David Buckeridge

Introduction To Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Health
( 2.1Mb)
Christy Lightowlers

GIS in Public Health – Use examples at the RHA level
( 3.6Mb)
Cory Neudorf

Public Health Program - Mapping for Public Health Workshop
( 3.9Mb)
Nina Wesch

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Evaluating for a change – Thursday, July 9 

Ability of Non-Clinical Professionals to Absorb Scientific Research (not yet available)
Mathieu Ouimet

Concurrent training sessions
Public Policy Development Processes: What Role Can Public Health Actors Play?
( 957K)
Patrick Fafard

The Online Health Program Planner (OHPP)
( 1.8Mb)
Larry Hershfield and Grace Wan Te

How Do You Make Evidence-Informed Decisions in the Absence of Sufficient Evidence?
Evidence-Informed Decision-Making in Environmental Health
( 2.1Mb)
Mona Shum and Donna Ciliska

Finding Your Way in First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health
( 1.6Mb)
Margo Greenwood

Plenary panel
Developing a Tool to Measure Knowledge Exchange Outcomes
( 243K)
Kelly Skinner

Assessment of and Support for Innovation in Public Health
( 196K)
Louise Potvin

Knowing What Works: Network Evaluation Lessons from a Child and Youth Health Network
( 849K)
Janice Popp

Closing keynote
Does Science Matter? Analysing Research-Policy-Practice Interactions in the Dutch Academic Collaborative Centres for Public Health
( 1.2Mb)
Marleen Bekker

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